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Писане by TheSoFG on Съб Юни 21, 2008 10:34 pm


U r not a murderer
but my heart is dying
u can guess why,
better not denying.

If u want to save it
tell me what u want 4rom me
if u want to leave it
just...don`t speak...

I don`t want much
just ur love.
But maybe my touch
is not like ur favorite "Dove".

Can I hope for anything,
or u will want me to dissapear?
Can I be for u something,
or u`ll send me to the rear ?

Maybe u`ll love me someday
and u won`t want to notice that.
And I want u to feel that way,
When my heart was broken apart.

A girl...

There is a girl
in another world,
that I love with my whole heart
but she want to break it apart...

Never mind that, I still love her.
I can`t stop thinking of her,
But what about her..?I don`t think so.
Wait, there`s more...

I met her here,
in one forum-er,
but that wasn`t an obstacle for me,
I wanted her next to me...

Despite the frequent meetings,
I didn`t speak `bout my feelings
I kept them in my heart,
and they grew...so smart...

And then came one day,
when I got to give away
everything I kept there,
and no one said:"Beware!"...

I told her everything there was,
but she said:"No, thanks!"
Don`t know why,
I didn`t feel badly...

Now one feeling is taking over me,
because of it, I can`t sleep.
Don`t know what it is,
but I couldn`t stop this...

Day and night,
at school or in a fight,
she`s on my mind
and peace I cannot find...

What will I do,
without my boo...?
The future is so unreliable
and I`m becoming so unstable...

Тъй като българския не ми е силната страна, мога "да покажа завидни знания по английски език" хаха. Само не плагиатствайте, моля(хехе :)).
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Прясно изпечен

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